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Archos 70 Copper\7.0 Multi-Touchscreen\Android 4.4\4GB\Dual-Core CPU 1.3 GHz Cortex A7\WIFI\3G\BT\Dual Camera, 3G HSPA modem. Un-Sim-locked, it can accept SIM cards from any operator

 Android is always on the go with youThe Archos 70 Copper offers an incredible Android experience while on the go. Thanks...

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Android is always on the go with you

The Archos 70 Copper offers an incredible Android experience while on the go. Thanks to the 3G connection and powerful dual-core processor you experience with this 7-inch tablet a perfect multimedia experience and make optimum use of the Internet and your apps where you are.

Use the Archos 70 tablet Copper also to call and send text messages!

With the integrated phone function of the Archos 70 Copper use your tablet to make calls and send SMS or MMS messages. With a Bluetooth adapter (not included) or a hands-free kit (not included) you can Archos 70 Copper replace your smartphone. And thanks to the integrated GPS with Google Maps and Navigation, you always hit your destination.

Compact and bright screen of 7 inches. Camera front and rear.

The Archos 70 Copper has a wide screen of 7 inches with vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles. What interesting is happening on your tablet, whether it comes to apps, games, videos and updates from your social network, the quality 1024 x 600 resolution allows you to see every detail! 
With a camera on both the front and rear, Archos 70 Copper is perfect for video calls, but also to capture those not-to-miss moments fast and smart with your tablet.

Good 3G connections and graphic more than powerful enough.

The Archos 70 Copper has a powerful 1.3 GHz dual-core processor with a powerful graphics processor, enough power to play the latest 3D games in all their glory. The Archos 70 Copper has an integrated 3G HSPA modem. He is unlocked, and therefore accepts SIM cards from any operator, even prepaid cards, so you stay connected to your apps, internet and e-mail, wherever you are.

Android apps from Google Play apps and the Archos Media Center.

The Archos 70 Copper works with Android 4.4 "KitKat" Preloaded Google Play store is more than enough content to get out of your tablet wherever possible:. More than 1 million apps, games and much more with the Archos. 70 Copper you have all the Google designed Android apps like Gmail, Chrome. Maps, hangouts and more. With an Archos tablet could really go either way. 
The Archos 70 Copper you additionally offers the best multimedia application with its own, unique Archos Media Center. All bespoke apps for video and music, including streaming the best size and codec support, metadata-scraping, auto-captioning and systems for media from a computer to your tablet. Whether your tablet to DLNA-compatible TV. With an Archos tablet can really from all sides.