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The Code Reader 2.0 (CR2) can read and decode all existing bar code symbols. Whether you are reading smaller, high density...

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The Code Reader 2.0 (CR2) can read and decode all existing bar code symbols. Whether you 

are reading smaller, high density two-dimensional codes, or larger, low density linear codes,

the CR2 will outperform all other devices in its class. Code’s unique Dynamic Optimization

Technology (DOT™) quickly adapts a reader to its reading environment, continually improving

reader performance. The CR2 incorporates a unique dual path optical system, a 1.3 million pixel

CMOS sensor and a 400 MHz processor. The CR2 reader features a beep and vibrate mode,

multifunction LED indicators and two top control buttons. While it can be further ruggedized for

high-volume use case scenarios, the CR2 reader is lightweight with a unique ergonomic design.

CR2 operates effi ciently in batch, cabled or wireless modes with accessories to further enhance

use-case functionality.

Wireless readers are available with a Bluetooth® Class I radio (with a range of 300 feet /100

meters) or Class III radio (30 feet / 9.5 meters) with Bluetooth fi rmware V1.2; the fi rmware is easily

upgradeable in the fi eld. The CodeXML Bluetooth Modem enables simplifi ed wireless transmission

of captured data to a host computer or system. Code’s JavaScript Software Development Kit

provides programming tools for integrating captured data into enterprise software.

The CR2 can be accompanied by a variety of accessories, making it is the only product available in: batch, cabled or wireless

formats; hand-held, ruggedized cabled, or battery handle use-case scenarios; and, lanyard hook attachment or presentation

stand form factors. Code’s full line of reader accessories tailor the reader’s use to best meet your needs.