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Simple, fast and affordable, Code Reader 1200 (CR1200) is the industry’s next generationbar code reader, providing the power of digital...

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Simple, fast and affordable, Code Reader 1200 (CR1200) is the industry’s next generation

bar code reader, providing the power of digital imaging technology at the lowest cost. Built for

cabled ‘point and shoot’ omni-directional applications, CR1200 is Code’s low-cost addition to

its high performance line of bar code readers. CR1200 is bar code reading simplicity defined,

and its rugged yet lightweight flexibility makes it an ideal reader for all linear and matrix bar

code reading applications.

CR1200’s unique wide angle lens captures and decodes all bar code types and symbologies.

Whether you are reading 1D, 2D, DataMatrix, PDF417, UPC/EAN/JAN, RSS or over 30

other symbologies. CR1200’s decode performance is continuously improved with Code’s

Dynamic Optimization Technology (DOT). DOT is a revolutionary technology which automatically

improves decode performance by continuously processing resolution, illumination, and

Code Reader 1200™

Bar Code Reader

• Code’s most affordable, and the industry’s best priced, cabled bar code reader

• Durable overmolded housing and secured cable ensure drop-shock surviveability

• Ruggedized design with permanent lanyard hook

• Exceptionally ‘smooth feel’ trigger - three million activations

• Three modes of user feedback ensures ‘good read’: Vibration motor provides tactile feedback

in noisy or silent environments; visual feedback with multi-color LED; and audible tones

• Reads and decodes all symbologies including: 1D, 2D, Datmatrix, PDF417 and 30+ others

• Firmware is field upgradable; can be remotely managed from single-source location

• Dynamic Optimization Technology continuously improves reader performance

• JavaScript Application Development Suite allows program development to

prepare captured data for integration with enterprise software

• Three cabling choices: USB, RS232 or PS2†

CR1200 Features & Benefits

image field settings for the fastest possible symbol identification. CR1200’s LED (non-laser) targeting technique utilizes

different colored converging LEDs to determine target range. The durable overmolded housing and secured cable make

CR1200 uniquely suited for rugged high-use environments. Revolutionary audible, tactile and visual user feedback systems

include an advanced speaker, a vibration motor and targeting/status LEDs. The only decision required before ordering is to

determine cable type for reader to host communication: USB, RS232 or PS2†.

Code’s software development kits provide programming tools enabling preparation of decoded data for acceptance into

existing software programs. Document imaging is accomplished with extensive control over field size, gray scale, black/white

threshold and graphics compression. Text to data capability is supported via advanced optical character recognition (OCR).

Easily integrated with existing processes, software applications and peripherals, CR1200 is the clear choice in bar code

readers for future-proofing your operations.

While simple in design and function, the CR1200 is singularly adept in data and image capture and decoding performance,

making it the industry’s best-in-class bar code reader for production work-in-process, point-of-sale, inventory management,

supply chain functions and point-to-point logistics. CR1200 - Simple, fast and affordable.