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The CR3 establishes a new benchmark for Portable DataTerminals and Hand Held Computers by combining theindustry’s best imaging technology with...

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The CR3 establishes a new benchmark for Portable Data

Terminals and Hand Held Computers by combining the

industry’s best imaging technology with a graphic display and

rugged keyboard to create the smallest and lightest full-featured

bar code reading terminal on the market.

Using the same ergonomic platform as the highly successful

Code Reader 2.0, the CR3 extends mobile all-symbology bar

code reading to include information display and keyboard entry.

The CR3 instantly reads large linear as well as high density matrix symbols due to Code Corporation’s unique Dynamic

Optimization Technology (DOT), which continuously adapts the resolution, illumination, and image fi eld for the fastest

automatic symbology identifi cation and decoding over the widest range of symbology types, sizes, recording surfaces

and ambient lighting. With DOT, the CR3 achieves matrix symbol decoding at speeds that are similar to linear bar code

decoding, while preserving battery energy. By monitoring each user’s reading patterns, DOT reduces training time and

eliminates the need for manual confi guration optimization through parameter settings.

Code eliminates the need for costly, high-overhead operating systems by providing an open platform JavaScript

development environment within its CodeXML Applications Development Suite. With CodeXML and JavaScript,

developers and Information Technology organizations no longer need to worry about expensive porting of applications

between Windows, Windows Pocket PC, Windows CE.Net, A unique feature of the Applications Development Suite

is the ability to protect both development investment and data security by a customer-unique key encryption, which allows

the developer to control the distribution and modifi cation of applications to specifi c serial-numbered CR3 units. Code

offers an easy to use tool for creating complete data collection applications for the CR3, without programming. You can

design menus and input screens, control scanning and keypad entry, use look-up tables to validate input and send data to

and from the CR3. All with a “point and click” interface on your windows PC.

The CR3 features a 1.3 MegaPixel dual-fi eld image collection

engine, a 400MHz AMD Alchemy au1100 CPU, and 4MB of

non-volatile memory. Portable operations are supported by a

1950 mAH Lithium Ion Battery and a Real Time Clock with its

own battery backup system. For wireless communications, a 2.4

GHz radio system is available and compatible with a wide range

of Bluetooth™ systems, as well as the CodeXML Modem, with

a unique data and pairing encryption system for unsurpassed

wireless data security.